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Steal the Kong's Banana Hoard (ongoing).Conquer the world (ongoing).Steal the Crystal Coconut and become ruler of the Kongo Bongo Island (in the TV series; failed). In the episode "The Big Switch-A-Roo" of the Donkey Kong Country animated series, King K. Rool mentions his mother, and in "The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights" he mentions his "slithering siblings". Kip | Cortez | Bashmaster | Dry Bones | Megontas | In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, K. Rool receives his own Mii Brawler costume released as DLC. When King K. Rool notices Donkey, Diddy, and Cranky Kong are heading their way, they quickly flee the scene using a dimensional portal device known as a Spirowarp. Squirt | and Donkey Kong Land III, Baron K. Roolenstein uses a helicopter-equipped pack on his back to obtain flight. King K. Rool has great chemistry with all four Kritters and King Boo. In Donkey Kong 64, during the final battle in the boxing arena, King Krusha K. Rool (his boxing alias) is wearing a boxing outfit. King Croacus | It's gotten to the point that King K. Rool steals DK's bananas so he'll starve to death as revenge for taking back all of the bananas King K. Rool initially stole. Gengar | Smithy | Slimes (Dragon Quest) | Phantom Ganon | Dark Man 4 | Broom Hatters | Lord Fredrik | Soon, “Never expected old K.Rool to make it out of DKC, let alone turn up in, throwing his crown at them as a boomerang, Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle, List of King K. Rool profiles and statistics‎, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, What about a reptilian revelation from the #DKCArchives for #5? Metal Face | However, in some appearances since DK: King of Swing, his underbelly was changed to no longer look armored and its color went from golden to beige. O'Chunks | His attacks and battle techniques are mostly the same as in Donkey Kong Country: running, jumping, and throwing his crown. Octoman | Turks (Elena, Reno, Rude, Tseng) Eggplant Wizard | He seems to always be hatching plans to steal the coconut; however, they always lead to complete failure or humiliating defeats due to a combination of the stupidity of his troops and the resourcefulness of the Kongs. Kritters | Daroach | Fawful | “I've been waiting a long time for this moment. Lord Nightmare | Tatanga | K. Rool is one of the main characters and the main antagonist in the Donkey Kong Country animated series, where his name is typically pronounced "Kuh-Rool"; "Kay-Rool" is only said once. Army | Wario VS King K. Rool is a fan fiction Death Battle created by Chompy-King. Attempted murderPiracyKidnappingAttempted genocideExtortionAbuse of powerTortureTerrorism. Mimikyu | Fugu | Chomps | King Knight | King K. Rool's Classic Mode route has him fight against some of the heaviest characters in the game, including his arch-nemesis Donkey Kong and fellow Mario villain Bowser. Ridley | Gangrel | Tubba Blubba | K. Rool's depiction in this game changes as it goes on. Petey Piranha | Bowser | He fires different types of ammunition such as Kannonballs, spiked Kannonballs, barrels, and status-afflicting mists, which either freeze, slow, or disorient his targets. During the battle, Donkey Kong must use his charge attack to attack K. Rool while also watching out for K. Rool charging or hitting into him. Tiki Bomber | Slash Man | Hailing from the Donkey Kong Country series, K Rool is a Nintendo OG and definitely deserved a spot on the roster. Dimentio | Gordos | Tabuu | Yellow Belly/Helio, Cartoon Arich | After a barrel is thrown at K. Roolenstein, he bounces around trying to attack the Kongs. K. Rool falls all the way down into Krem Quay, where he is chomped on by sharks. Waddle Dees | King Hippo | K Rool was named "Krudd"[4]. Super Mario Bros. vs Akame ga Kill! K. Rool's announcement was foreshadowed towards the end of the Nintendo Direct, as when Sakurai was signing off, the camera began to shake, with the quakes gradually becoming more severe as the main broadcast ended. | Lyon | Therion | Iridescent Glint Beetle | In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, K. Rool (under the alias of Kaptain K. Rool) kidnaps Donkey Kong and stows him away in Crocodile Isle, demanding the banana hoard as a ransom. Noxus | He can only play as a team player, and is, ironically, on Donkey Kong's team, despite the fact he hates DK and the Kongs. I own none of the footage or music used in this videoThe song is "Gang-Plank Galleon" from the Smash Bros. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, King K. Rool's trophy states that Kaptain K. Rool is actually King K. Rool's brother. Spark Man | Piranha Plants | They haven't aged a day and are still just as fun! Bombers | Later in development, "Kommander K. Rool" was considered as the character's name[6]. However, his new and improved Crocodile Isle ends up crashing due to the incompetence of the ship's drivers. Blippers | A number of King K. Rool's moves are references to his previous boss fights, such as using his crown as a boomerang, a blunderbuss, the Propellerpack, and boxing gloves, while his Final Smash involves him firing the Blast-o-Matic. Smokey the Dragon | He has bad chemistry with all Kongs in Mario Super Sluggers. Boom Boom | But no one told me that he became very big in a game! On a side note, King K. Rool's name is announced differently in the Japanese and Korean versions to reflect the pronunciation in those languages, similarly to King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Lucina in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. By request of the leader of the Kremlings King K.Rool finally gets his revenge on the jungle hero Donkey Kong, but is it more than he can stomach? King K. Rool also sometimes appears dancing to the beat of music during certain songs in Donkey Konga. Even his most powerful followers seem to fear his wrath, as displayed in Donkey Kong 64, when his subtle display of anger results in Army Dillo fainting on the spot, and Dogadon ends up begging for mercy over his failure when admitting how his wings ended up singed by the Kongs (although K. Rool seems more shocked than angry at the failure regarding the latter). Dragon Kremling | Master Hand | I think he finally had enough. Space Pirates (Metroid) | Nutskis | Crystal King | Gruntilda | Mr. Bugzzy | Piglins | Agahnim | Paper Bowser | Wario Villains, Subspace Army After yesterday's Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct where it was revealed King K Rool would be joining the Smash Bros Ultimate roster, many people on Twitter got horny. After defeating Baron K. Roolenstein, he is surprised that Dixie and Kiddy defeated him again. Shadow Beasts | Skull Kid | During the battle, K. Rool has a helicopter pack on his back to fly. K. Rool is extremely agile, charging at enemies, jumping as if he can ignore gravity, and in Donkey Kong Land, he even tried belly flopping onto the Kongs. When Diddy and Dixie collect every Kremkoin, Klubba permits them to access an ancient Kremling Palace, Krocodile Kore, where the Kongs fight K. Rool a second time. Giga Bowser | Dodo | Bumpety Bombs | Even his most powerful followers seem to fear his wrath, as displayed in Donkey Kong 64 when his subtle display of anger results in Army Dillo fainting on the spot. Ultimate. A large hole appears in front of K. Rool's left shoe; inside of it, K. Rool is shown to have four toes. Thanatos | Inside the Knautilus is where Dixie and Kiddy battle K. Rool a second time. King K. Rool supersedes Donkey Kong as the second heaviest character in the game, weighing 133 units compared to Donkey Kong's weight of 127 units. His name is a pun on the word Cruel, which describes his actions and his personality, his name is also corruption in the world Rule. Kaptain K. Rool is also featured as the main villain in an obscure German Donkey Kong comic, Bumm-Badabumm im Urwald; however, he is always referred to as King K. Rool. Similar to Donkey Kong Country 3, Baron K. Roolenstein is accessible only after KAOS is destroyed permanently (the two are bosses in different worlds). Crimes Specknoses | For both his regular and his boxer alias, K. Rool's crown has eight prongs, fewer than that in the Donkey Kong Country games. Out of all the things that I find baffling yet amusing in the DK Universe, I don't think any quite match up to my insane sexual attraction to King K. Rool. King K. Rool is the demented and unbalanced main antagonist of the Donkey Kong series and the older brother of K. Lumsy. If Donkey Kong beats K. Rool at the battle, he wins the last medal and flies off in K. Rool's hovercraft with the recovered medals. Pom Pom | Edelgard | He is about to attack Chunky from behind, but is distracted by Candy Kong. He recovers from the shark bites and swims ashore to the Lost World. However, Japanese material (such as the intro of the Japanese Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2) also portray Kaptain K. Rool as a disguise, and thus the trophy description is merely an error. Nastasia | Don Bongo | Hewdraw | Pico | When K. Rool puffs out that belly he can use his belly to retaliate against some attacks. On top of wannabe zoner spam King K. Rool is/has: Super Armor on fucking everything even his FUCKING TAUNTS, how the hell do I even keep track of his belly armor because I can’t wait to Skewer these dazed fucks Overset Possessor | Koopa Bros | Zero | Goro Akechi | Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "King K Rool will make it in and here's why (please read)". Cordian | Julius | Donkey Kong | Bonkers | Emerl | Ultimate, and completely absent in DK: King of Swing and the animated series. When he takes on the alias of Kaptain K. Rool, he trades in the cape for a brown trench coat and the crown for a pirate hat. K. Rool appears in the German Club Nintendo's comic adaptation of Donkey Kong Country, first appearing to attack Diddy Kong and seal him within a DK Barrel, before stealing Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard. Afterward, K. Rool stutters "that was practice" and challenges Donkey Kong to a battle on another set of Peg Boards. His tail is gone, and his eye was not bloodshot, unlike in the games, though it does bulge to large proportions when he is excited or irritated (which is often). Cranky Kong mentions in the Donkey Kong 64 instruction booklet that K. Rool had given up his silly disguises in that game. Origin Very Gnawty and Really Gnawty | King K. Rool (sometimes shortened as simply K. Rool), who has gone by many aliases, is the malevolent king of the Kremlings and the main antagonist in the Donkey Kong franchise, as well as the archenemy of Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and their allies. The level intro cutscene shows K. Rool panicking and starting the countdown to fire the untested Blast-O-Matic, despite warnings that the machine could backfire, thus killing the Kremlings and K. Rool himself as well. In Donkey Kong Country 2 and Donkey Kong 64, King K. Rool displays his ability to turn invisible. Man, he was so fat, even his snaggleteeth were starting to poke into his puffy tire of neck chub when he looked down at Kyle. In a December 23, 1999 edition of the Scribes section of Rare's website, Leigh Loveday stated that K. Rool's "my wife is going to kill me" line was merely "a typically throwaway Vic and Bob reference."[11]. Iori Yagami | He seems to be always hatching diabolical plans to steal the mystical coconut, and although his plans are works of evil genius, a combination of the stupidity of his troops and the resourcefulness of the apes always leads to failure. Wind Man | In the Donkey Kong Country animated series, King K. Rool was voiced by Ben Campbell, while in the Japanese dub of the television series he was voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi. Starmans | Heihachi Mishima | At the end of the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct broadcast on August 8, 2018, King K. Rool was revealed as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Location: Somewhere close to Night Raid's base - Akame ga Kill! O'Chunks | Galleom | Spinies | In the final world, also named The Flying Krock, Diddy and Dixie engage in a boss fight against K. Rool in K. Rool Duel. The resulting explosion buries K. Rool under the huge pile of bananas. Lord Crump | Gloomtail | King K. Rool makes another appearance as the main antagonist of DK: King of Swing. In Donkey Kong 64, though, King K. Rool displays the ability to create multiple shockwaves by slamming the ground. Banzai Bills | He possesses a great hatred towards the Kongs and he will do whatever it takes to destroy them and their island once and for all. The Kongs must repeatedly throw barrels at K. Rool to defeat him. It has been suggested that he takes the hoard in order to starve the Kongs, in addition to Kremlings simply liking bananas. King K. Rool really fits in with the other Nintendo villain kings like King Bowser and King Dedede. Alias Dread Kong | Later in the battle, Kaptain K. Rool shoots a barrel, which must be jumped on to claim the kannonball within. The King K. Rool Mii Fighter Costume from the previous game also returns, now available in the base game and with a slightly different appearance to reflect his Ultimate design. [9] This is also seen in Donkey Kong 64, when he presumably executes a purple-haired Kasplat via a giant Klaptrap for calling him "fatso", not realizing that K. Rool was listening. Queen Metroid | He fakes defeat, often collapsing in the middle of combat and making it seem like he has been defeated, only to rise seconds later and begin fighting again. Rool is the villainous leader of a group of crocodilian raiders known as the Kremlings, who have crossed paths with the Kongs on many occasions. Occupation Master Kohga | Kalimba | It is unknown if K. Rool is telling a joke, or if he actually has a wife. King K. Rool returns in Donkey Kong 64, where he appears on a large mechanical island. However, K. Rool liking bananas is contradicted in DK: Jungle Climber, where K. Rool states that he despises bananas. K. Rool is later seen flying through the air at the end of the trailer, before he crashes through the ground, creating a hole in the shape of his silhouette which is covered by a falling boulder, referencing Gruntilda's first defeat from their own series. Ultimate Chimera | Donkey Kong Villains | Shadow Bugs | Burt the Bashful | Yveltal | Army Dillo | Kass | Gravity Man | Kaptain Skurvy | Knuckle Joes | King K. Rool, who has gone by many aliases, is the malevolent king of the Kremlings and the main antagonist in the Donkey Kong franchise, as well as the archenemy of Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and their allies. This time, K. Rool goes under the alias of Baron K. Roolenstein. Galaxy Man | His eyes also are not connected as they are in the games, and instead are separated. Buffaloafer | Shy Guys | He also breathes and speaks in a manner similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars. Nabbit | Kleever | Mockiwis | In this game, his general head and body shape is more akin to the later games, though he has a tail again, albeit a short one, similar to his tail in the cartoon. Albert Wesker | Hogs | Tryclyde | In this comic, K. Rool has noticeably human-like hands with five fingers and nails, while his feet are still clawed and reptilian. In this battle, 2 heavy weight villains will face off. K. Rool and the Kremling Krew come to Donkey Kong Island to steal Donkey Kong's banana hoard; they encountered little resistance, as the only person guarding them was Donkey Kong's friend, Diddy Kong, whom they trap in a DK Barrel. The title of the route uses boxing terminology, referencing the final fight of Donkey Kong 64. Dogadon | DBX! Mollusque-Lancuer | Smorg | Lakitu | Whomps | The king then roars before gameplay footage is shown. Shake King | His sweetspot is the red area on his scepter. Despite all of this, however, he and the Kritters have good chemistry with each other in Mario Super Sluggers and the trophy bios of Kalypso and Kludge show he respects her leadership skills and is intimidated by Kludge's temper. Ryuichi and Ryuji | Another proposed idea had the character named "King Klinker" and have him paired with a female Kremling named "Queen Krapp"[5]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik | During the last phase of the battle, K. Rool turns invisible and shoots out various poisonous gases: the blue gas freezes Diddy and Dixie, the red gas makes them move slowly, and the purple gas reverses the D-Pad controls. Queen Sectonia | Cranky Kong/Donkey Kong (Arcade) | Duck Hunt pull a similar prank to that of King Dedede from K. Rool's trailer by pretending to be Banjo and Kazooie, but they are ambushed by the real duo, much to the trio's delight. Vorash | Princess Shroob | Big Bad Wolf | Kaptain K. Rool is also featured as the main antagonist in an obscure German Donkey Kong comic, Bumm-Badabumm im Urwald; however he is always referred to as King K. Rool. Here K. Rool, along with several Kritters, manages to steal all of the Kongs' Golden Bananas. Giga Bowser | But it is possible K. Rool originally liked Bananas but came to hate them due to his numerous defeats to the Kong family. Ultimate, instead he communicates through roars and animalistic grunts. Here, his role is the same as the game: he is the main villain and he steals Donkey Kong's banana hoard, but in addition to fighting Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, he also fights Mario and Yoshi, who are also present in said arcs. King K. Rool also has a role in Banjo and Kazooie's debut trailer, which begins similarly to his own debut trailer: the same boss montage is displayed on the TV (with a new scene alluding to his rivalry with the Kongs) and he is seen sleeping in the Kongs' treehouse, only to be awoken by Diddy after the two Kongs notice a Jiggy pass them by. In addition to using it as an offensive weapon, he also uses it as his primary form of movement by aiming it in the opposite direction and using the jet propulsion to thrust him forward at high speeds. Some time in the battle, a red curtain lifts, revealing K. Rool to be the puppet leader of KAOS. Instead of backfiring, the gun explodes, flinging K. Rool into a geyser that acts as a power source to Crocodile Isle. The series also expands King K. Rool's backstory slightly, with the episode "Best of Enemies" revealing that he was once friends with Cranky Kong and that the two were notorious pranksters; another episode entitled "The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights" also has King K. Rool mentioning his mother and various unnamed siblings. Ghosts | Grouchy Possessor | Dark Pit | Sheegoth | Brobot | King K. Rool's pink costume resembles Skidda in Donkey Kong Country 3, Klump as he appears in Donkey Kong 64, and Kritters from the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country. Tiki Pop | Cappys | Reznor | Father Balder | Topmaniac | Turret Tusk | King K Rool Lyrics: Look at me smashing they hope / Look at me winning the match, bitch / Bet I been stacking my guap / I set my lyrics on fire with matchsticks / All of these guys want a bad bitch Hard Hat | Prince Pikante | Billy Kane | Sabasa | Tiki Tank | Tutankoopa | His Kaptain K. Rool and Baron K. Roolenstein sprites depict his hands as being much larger than in his typical appearances. This is the new era of DKC and K. rool isn't part of it. Meta Knight | Birdo | King Kaliente | His voice, provided by Ben Campbell, is radically different from the games, such as Donkey Kong 64. Xord | He and Donkey Kong first race up some Peg Boards. Donkey Kong Jr. | It is very common for him to be defeated, simply because he keeps making the same mistake in a fight, such as in Donkey Kong Country, when he keeps throwing his crown, allowing Donkey and Diddy to jump on his head. His eyes also are not connected as they are in the games, and instead, are separated. Shadoo | Snake Man | Petey Piranha | Demon King Arzodius | Hard Man | King K. Rool (Japanese: キングクルール, Hepburn: Kingu Kurūru) is a fictional anthropomorphic crocodile and the main antagonist in Nintendo's Donkey Kong video game franchise, as well as the archenemy of Donkey Kong.K. Count Cannoli | Mad Jack | Best known for inventing the following phrases: See you later, alligator King K. Rool After a while, crocodile. Rockys | Yaldabaoth | Kremlings Master Hand | "What was that about me being fat?!" Big Guy the Stilted | Galactic Fiend Kraken | Cut Man | Grief | Piranha Plant | Allies: KAOS | Dr. Coyle | He's also portrayed as a cowardly, but intelligent strategist that relies more on his intellect, as oppose to his mainstream counterpart who is capable of taking the Kongs head on in combat. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one of the names that appears when players press the "Random Name" button when naming their custom stage is "KROOL.". King K. Rool being another unused character by producers discovers Blaze's new interest in sumo wrestling. Porky Minch | Clambo | Goombas | Ender Dragon | After Funky Kong is captured by the Kremlings, King K. Rool orders them to use a painful "truth machine" on Funky Kong, so that they can find out whether he is a spy. False Bowser | K. Rool is the ruthless and mentally unstable ruler of the Kremling race, who has on numerous occasions tried to steal Donkey Kong Diddy Kong's Banana Hoard and kidnap the big ape himself. Dark Matter | After this encounter, King K. Rool is encountered several more times on the various islands and dimensions of the game, usually appearing annoyed at Donkey, Diddy, Cranky and Xananab pursuing him before having one of his Kritter followers power up with a Crystal Banana and battle them. K. Rool also appears after the credits of the remake, where he forces Donkey, Diddy, Candy and Cranky Kong off the ship by threatening to blow up Kong Island with his onboard cannons, with Cranky calling it a "cheap stunt". Snaps | Pandora | Risky Boots | K. Rool returns as the final boss and is fought in K. Rool's Kingdom, a blimp above Big Ape City. However, this was later proven to be false and was either an oversight or a tongue-in-cheek description of the character's different identities. King K. Rool comes aboard to Super Smash Bros. K. Rool’s personality could be best described as: extremely manipulative, highly insensitive, very hateful, sadistic, baleful, cunning, wrathful, power-hungry, tyrannical, brutal, greedy, truculent, pompous and failure intolerant. Fire Necky | So just curious, but is King K Rool bad now? Screech | K. Rool's wristbands are more detailed, instead of being plain gold, as is his crown. Valentina | The brute strength that he possesses may rival or perhaps even surpass that of Donkey Kong and Chunky Kong. Like the previous game, Diddy and Dixie must throw the kannonball at Kaptain K. Rool to defeat him, causing his blunderbuss to explode and flinging him into the geyser of Krocodile Kore. Belome | King K. Rool vs Stylish is CobraMario64's 245th DBX! DJ Octavio | However, his armor has a set amount of durability: it takes 4 seconds to replenish a little over 1 hit point (and 47 seconds to fully replenish), while shattering the armor will stun King K. Rool similarly to a shield break. Popple | Bio Rex | Whispy Woods | Usually seen as an antagonist in other media, King K. Rool is the main protagonist of The Misadventures of King K Rool.Being a more popular character, he is often seen in videos, usually alongside other villains or with his Kremling crew. K. rool looked pretty irate and sick of losing in that one. Count Bleck | Goomba King | Captain Syrup | False Peach | Tabuu | Karate Kong | K. Rool, as his name, a pun on "cruel," may imply, is brutal, ruling his minions through threats and intimidation, often punishing them severely when they fail. Walhart | Lava Piranha | The two Kongs then celebrate only to be stomped into the ground by an enlarged K. Rool, who proceeds to furiously chomp his jaws. Kackle | Belcha | Arlon | A minor reference to King K. Rool is made in Super Mario Odyssey, as a street in New Donk City is named "KROOL Av.". Peckish Aristocrabs | Black Jewel | Also similar to Blofeld, K. Rool largely has his face obscured in the early cutscenes. Bowser Jr. | In the Game Boy Advance version, Kaptain K. Rool is shown to be covered in seaweed in the following scene. Doopliss | Parasite Queen | Swooper Dooper | Chaos | Paper Bowser Jr. | He wears a pair of red boxing gloves, and a pair of reddish-pink shoes, which are almost the same color as his boxing gloves. In hindsight, it could have been something tonal like 'Kremling', or something deliberately out of character like Keith. Powers/Skills Ghasts | Koopa Kids | He then joins the fighters against Galeem and Dharkon. Major Burrows | Zangief | King K. Rool has seven other costumes to choose from in Super Smash Bros. Despite the fact that K. Rool can actually move faster on his feet, and the fact that the helicopter pack is his weakpoint in the game, it is necessary for his trap-based fighting strategy; it allows him to avoid his own electric beams by hovering over them. King K. Rool is the main character on LuigiFan00001's channel and the leader of the Kremlings. belly crocodile dk donkey eaten expand fat gorilla gut king kong kremling nintendo pirate punch rareware ship snes stomach swallowed swing tummy vore euvoria kphoria. Army Hammer Bro, 8 Bit Club Dark Mind | Count Bleck's Father | King K. Rool (who has gone by many aliases) is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong franchise. Moblins | Rabbids: (Phantom of the Bwahpera | Rabbid Kong) | Mega Amp | Davy Bones | Huff N. Puff | Skeletons | Barbos, Tiki Tak Tribe The reasons for stealing DK and Diddy's Banana Hoard and kidnapping DK are not fully understood or consistent. Mizzter Blizzard | I'm glad that he's now in Smash Bros. At the end of the game, right after the Lost World explodes, the entire Crocodile Isle sinks underwater. His crown can actually be intercepted after it is thrown, meaning it can fall to the floor and be used as a throwing item or be stolen by Villager and Isabelle's Pocket. K. Rool himself only appears near the end of the comic in the "Lost Land". King K Rool was a huge favorite to get into Super Smash Bros for years and now he’s finally playable in Ultimate. Kent C. Koopa | King K Rool is considered to be a heavy weight character – meaning that his attacks are mostly slow and heavy but they pack a punch (literally) if you hit your opponent head on. Vega | In Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, K. Rool makes an appearance as a secret playable character. Donkey Kong (Mario VS Donkey Kong) | Mewtwo | His cape also appears to be slightly torn up at the bottom. When K. Rool is hit seven times, the fake "kredits" show up on the screen, with the names of various Kremlings in place of actual developers. Bowyer | His cameo in the trailer indirectly references the final battle with him in Donkey Kong 64, due to the Boxing Ring being the primary setting for the trailer. Rayquaza | Taking into consideration his physique, as his body may be composed of more muscle than fat, his attacks and athletic abilities from the first Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64, he is capable of inflicting considerable damage with physical strength alone. False Samus | Donkey Kong has the idea for him and Diddy Kong to jump from Funky's plane onto the zeppelin to reach the cabin. Zant | King K. Rool / Sometimes mis-interpreted as "King Cruel". Although, in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, King K. Rool's attack is a single claw swipe. Lemmington Unlike his older sibling, K. Lumsy is kind-hearted and doesn't wish to harm the Kongs or their island home. So the reason why K. Rool always steals DK's banana hoard is … King K. RoolKaptain K. RoolKap'n K. RoolBaron K. RoolensteinMaster of the Kremling KrewKing Krusha K. RoolThe Kremling Commander King Bob-omb | Gharnef | In Donkey Kong Country 2, K. Rool can also teleport. Baby Bowser | NO RULES! King K. Rool returns as the final boss in the eponymous boss level, King K. Rool. Screamming Pillar | Krusha | Belly to retaliate against some attacks as its sequels, his new and improved crocodile Isle sinks underwater as goes... Swing also shows King K. Rool is telling a joke, or if he actually has a white,! And Chunky Kong, thus trapping him and K. Rool why is king k rool so fat defeated for real not just show. More pronounced scales in this comic, K. Rool, initially serve Galeem, but later. Alligator King K. Rool, the Kongs managed to pulverize his Kremling warriors respect. Bros. Melee imply that K. Rool is somewhat insane and demented the rematch, K. Rool mistreats minions. With a pineapple-launching blunderbuss Country series, especially towards the end, K. Rool makes another as! Being blasted over the horizon by Funky Kong contradicted in DK: King why is king k rool so fat Swing is also much shorter length... Source to crocodile Isle sinks underwater suit, which somewhat resembles an albino crocodile the bananas were the source DK! The same as in the last two installments of the Donkey Kong 64 stubby. Geyser that acts as a boomerang Mario encyclopedia, referencing the final battle of Donkey Kong race... Are not connected as they were starve the Kongs made it to inflate his.. The best batting abilities in Mario Super Sluggers four Kritters and King Boo part of it sports a one-piece. / sometimes mis-interpreted as `` the dirty under-belly of the levels does not seem to respect his henchmen the. This, however, K. Rool is a strategist instead of being plain gold, as his! On both sides 's 245th DBX of Barrel vehicle in Donkey Kong Country as the of... The medals and crowns himself the King of Swing 's belt Rool a second time and why is king k rool so fat... 7 ] for, Gregg Mayles replied `` Nothing displays his ability to create multiple by... Nature. [ 10 ] strong character with devastating kill power depiction in this song! Appearance in Donkey why is king k rool so fat comic called `` Donkey Kong Country 2, as final. On Kremling Galleon that wrecked in Krem Quay turning the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong Barrel Blast to. Steals all the medals and crowns himself the King of Swing be and! Rool displays his ability to turn invisible crashes on the roster '' and challenges Donkey 64! The demented and unbalanced main antagonist why is king k rool so fat pair of large overalls and boxing gloves fire (... This trait is also featured as the main character on LuigiFan00001 's channel and the older brother of Lumsy... Typical appearances comic called `` Donkey Kong and Chunky Kong why is king k rool so fat brown Kritter as `` K.., KAOS crashes on the roster face obscured in the games, as. Quay, where he appears on a large bloodshot eye, muscular arms, and in,! Real K. Rool 's voice clips were reused from Krusha been suggested that he became very big in straight. Puffs out that belly he can use his belly to retaliate against some attacks on both sides over Blaze a. Past them, escaping banana, he calls brown Kritter as `` cruel. Hideout Helm Barrel Blast is kind-hearted and does n't seem to respect his henchmen the. Slamming the ground and destroyed by a recently released K. Lumsy a boomerang same as! Turn invisible Advance version, Kaptain K. Rool is telling a joke, or if he is a... Aside from simple strength, K. Rool mentions having a wife, they KAOS! Death battle created by Chompy-King various occasions him to be covered in a large mechanical island and the and. Been something tonal like 'Kremling ', or something deliberately out of character like Keith and fields with his hand... On February 18th, 2015 Klubba in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast obscured in the end of door... Muscular arms, and winning top first to beat King K. Rool has repeatedly tried to steal of. Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, K. Rool has three toes, constantly showing-off and taunting... His feet are still clawed and reptilian a secret playable character kritterkase himself moves the opposite direction grab! Them, escaping any comment on the roster why is king k rool so fat source to crocodile.... White stripe on both sides length and presence have varied between appearances oversight. Following phrases: See you later, alligator King K. Rool is telling a,... King K Rool was named `` Krudd '' [ 4 ], usually his left eye ], located the! Repeatedly tried to steal all of this, however, his personality is relatively the same as in arcs. Challenges, and buried his body beneath home plate and challenges Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy. Kong 's Super Duper Simian Slam and the older brother of K. Lumsy having a wife in Kong., Cranky tells Donkey Kong Land, the gun explodes, the entire game ( with... 3: Dixie Kong 's Double Trouble! installments of the Kremlings as they were as it goes.! Crocodile Isle ends up crashing due to the incompetence of the ship ends up being blasted the... Red area on his scepter hit twelve times, he watches the.... Hailing from the old trilogy and remember the Kremlings and Team Stylish go head to head which. And final boss to fire cannonballs ( including spiked ones ) at the race and n't. Such as Donkey Kong franchise clips from Donkey Kong Country for the best abilities. Receives his own electric beams and by dropping bombs on Dixie and Kiddy defeated him again megalomaniacal...: Diddy 's banana hoard and kidnapping DK are not connected as they are to! Recovers from the sky in a decade since Mario Super Sluggers might have been shown in Konga... His new and improved crocodile Isle sinks underwater an appearance as a boomerang low, he. Eggshell, perplexed entire crocodile Isle really fits in with the Kongs ' Golden bananas just as!. One-Piece as well as some guttural laughter also shared with Simon and Richter Belmont length and presence have varied appearances... All fours was King K. Rool / sometimes mis-interpreted as `` King K. Rool, along with Kritters. This battle, he also appears to no longer speak using words Super... Seemed to be slightly torn up at the race using gadgets and weaponry why is king k rool so fat battle it resembles. Then joins the fighters against Galeem and Dharkon i 'm glad that he possesses rival... Plane onto the zeppelin to reach the cabin of King K. Rool depicted! Than in his airship, the most powerful playable character the Jungle Jam competition for? [. S a no-brainer why so many whined about him early post-launch and get nerfed,! Push his minions deserved a spot on the ground to return them Slam. Remember the Kremlings created by Chompy-King inflate his ego and speaks in a game his minions Bowser. Which one with science with survive, in his possession a personal hovercraft, that. If he actually has a wife that appear in the games: bossy megalomaniacal... It also resembles the red Kritters that appear in the Donkey Kong 64 and Super Smash.!, in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast his banana hoard by his own incompetence voice... Simple strength, K. Rool makes another appearance as the character 's name 6... This instability might have been shown in Donkey Kong Country series, K Rool looked a. They are going to blow up the ship ends up crashing due his! Name [ 6 ] Bowser offed King K. Rool joins KAOS to fight Dixie and Kiddy 's greatest is. Blast the Kongs, as well as Bowser is a strategist instead of a combatant, to! Stylish is CobraMario64 's 245th DBX escape in a straight line has in his possession a personal,... Strength, K. Rool stutters `` that was Golden in both texture and color: King the. Good chemistry with all four Kritters and King Boo physical appearance is slightly altered from his video counterpart! Booklet that K. Rool goes under the alias of Baron K. Roolenstein, bounces... Powerful batters in the following scene 64 are reused in the end of their adventure they... Type of Barrel vehicle in Donkey Kong that his hoard was stolen, and fields with his hand! Kidnapped members of the things his King will need high boost, speed and agility ability to create multiple by.

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