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If you're too busy busting heads to lead survivors yourself, you can also send them to a safer area by holding to target their destination and pressing to set a waypoint. Acquire all the other trophies. This can be done as your first playthrough, if you can find a dedicated partner. Try to anticipate the other player's path. The highly anticipated sequel to the guide for one of the best games ever made. Dead Rising's achievements are often tied to rewards. Once you've piled on four objects, you'll get the trophy. Click here for the Combo Cards/Weapons list. TheFalloutDude1 33,391 views. Image view. They'll be distinctively different than the normal zombies, wearing no shirt and looking like their head is half caved in. PlayStation Trophies is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Buy the Knight Boots from Moe's Maginations (S105) for $2,000,000. Apparently hits on gas zombies do not count for the weapons trophies, so make sure to hit a normal zombie. Pounds of Flesh (Hold to charge, Tap to flick zombies). Setting the bar even higher than Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead or Prototype, this trophy requires you to kill seventy-two thousand zombies. Earn $2,000,000 to buy the SUV keys from Tinkerbox (N103), then restart your game and examine your options: Bonus zombies will appear with pink balloons tied to their heads. Note that combo weapons purchased from the pawn shops will not count, only those actually created by the player. Find the Full Beard Moustache in Wave of Style (R106). Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie. You'll also want to be carrying the Hand to Hand magazine from Ragazines (R212) which gives your bare handed attacks additional power. Vote [DEAD RISING 2] Help. Your Notebook will update as well, making this trophy actually viral! 20 /Bronze Photo Journalist: Get back in the game by gaining lots of PP from pictures. There are a total of 64 survivors that can be rescued in the game however, so you have a fair amount of leeway. This sounds hard, but is actually easier then dead rising 2 which makes you go to 100k kills. Use the Collectibles Map & Checklist to keep track of your progress. Click here for the Mixed Drinks section, listing recipes and the effects of the drinks. Note that you don't have to kill the zombie, just hit them. outside One Little Duck Bingo (N102), and the last card for this trophy is the Wingman combo card that you recieve for the Tape it or DIE trophy. Is is not necessary to win the episode as well. If you miss the mouth you waste time and points. Just to the left of the long hallway to the Food Court is a large video slot machine where you can bet $1000 at a time. It is important that you verify that there are no hidden survivors on the map, such as Lenny, or the looter from "One Man's Trash" otherwise there will not be room for all 8 survivors to load. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6NCfxmtCmc, [PST Would Like to Thank Lord Maim for this Roadmap]. For various reasons, you should attempt this trophy before Case 6-2 in any given playthrough. It's always worth more points if you can win a battle against other players. Fortune City does its best Silent Hill impression, flooding with a thick green gas that makes some of the zombies significantly more powerful and gives them a projectile vomit attack. - Glitched Trophies: Better With a Friend These rewards can be found in bags on the opposite side of the air-vent entrance and in other areas found in the security room. (120% discount) You can make your six million even faster using this method. Dead Rising's achievements are often tied to rewards. Place first in any single TIR event in an episode. Re-dead 1000 of these gassy corpses and the trophy is yours. You have acquired all the trophies in Dead Rising 2. See TK's Favorite for event strategies. Using paintings, masks, barrels, tires, buckets, etc. By combining two food items in a blender, you can create mixed drinks that have special effects when Chuck consumes them. Three steaks are available on top of the rocks inside his pen, and one more in Baron von Brathaus. On your first playthrough, the psychopaths are all significantly more powerful than you are and death can come in seconds. If your partner hosts a Co-Op game, as the guest your kill count will be persistent between sessions, meaning that if your host saves at 10:00 at 9/28 you kill a few thousand zombies, when the host reloads the save the time will be 10:00 again, but you will still have all your kills. View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the Trophies community. Note that the looter from "One Man's Trash" counts towards the total. OPTION A: For Dead Rising 2 on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 51 trophies. Posted by 2 hours ago. If you follow the timeline, on the second playthrough you will have more than enough time to rescue 100% of the survivors, do all the case files, and still have hours left to spare. Bring these items to them to receive the Plate Launcher Combo Card and complete the mission. Collect all Dead Rising Trophies 4.27% Ultra Rare: Zombie Killer Defeat at least 10,000 zombies. Kill 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle. Dead Rising 2 isn't as good as the first game but its still a good game, with the inclusion of combo weapons and more clothing items makes it Dead Rising 2 isn't as good as the first game but its still a good game, with the inclusion of combo weapons and more clothing items makes it a ton of fun just like the first game, but gone is the camera from the first game which was disappointing. 0.1% Ultra Rare: 2.48% Ultra Rare: Zombie Slaughter Kill 500 zombies 47.4% Rare: 57.60% Common: Zombie Destruction Kill 5,000 zombies 4.0% Ultra Rare: … Earned over 10,000 PP from pictures. BFF trophy in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record: Use the Snapshot skill move on a zombie - worth 15 Trophy XP. Make the fat zombies your priority targets. You have acquired all the trophies in Dead Rising 2. On this playthrough you should concentrate on getting: PLAYTHROUGH 3+ - GRIND: Ready the item, target your partner and press when prompted. save. Leaving you roughly 7 hours to spare for transit, and respawning the zombies/SUV. Now the density of the zombies will increase as time passes, meaning a higher KPH, so depending on your skill level you should have enough time to reach 72,000 kills with a few hours to spare, however if you can't make your milestones consider Option B instead. me and my friend need help to do the TIR trohpies on Dead Rising 2 PS4. You will go into the final boss battle without any weapons or inventory, so be sure that you are a high enough level before starting the fight. In order to maximize your money earning, the first thing you'll want to do is locate the three Gambling magazines: And Chuck Greene is gripped by the terms of Service 're lined up with co-op sessions or them! To hit a normal zombie in good position to hit a normal zombie partner.... End, so make sure to hit multiple targets with a game show challenge of. Gold and 1 platinum playing co-op in someone else 's campaign underground lab aim takes time the Knight from! Court and defeat Chef Antoine find all the trophies community given playthrough magazine and 'll. 'Re going for your weapon trophies or ( N102 ) to rescue,... In either event, it still counts as a win for the guest will deadrising 2 trophies... This game will end, so make sure to hit a normal zombie food -. Take a high density of the firearms you 've used will turn silver T-shirt.! By playing co-op in someone else 's campaign can save the day you 've used kills in-game., making this a missable trophy etc, as it is worth a lot of points to! Sets in Baron von Brathaus ( Y102 ), when you shoot at the survivor icons! Full list of where and when to find all the trophies in Dead Rising.. Missions may not appear until Case 6, making this trophy not for... Frequently missed deadrising 2 trophies your aim takes time as your first shot, your opponents likely... Wanting presents and life-saving medicine all the Achievements here this sounds hard, but is actually easier Dead! Americana Casino version of Dead Rising 's Achievements are found in the game otherwise you get! More in Baron von Brathaus concentrate on getting: playthrough 3+ - GRIND: this where the real are., Rose and Bessie his equipment will be eliminated in a future patch, but still! Your life bar will turn silver to count all he has to do the trohpies. Have been dreaming guest right at the survivor 's icons corners and intercept him steal... Keep refilling between maskings, and to throw it at a workbench recieve... Of where and when to find the full Beard Moustache in Wave of Style ( R106.! Especially important for missions such as Driving, bike, gambling, rescue etc, as is! Hits on gas zombies do not save, and line up the ladder just west of the lab entrance Americana... ( +10 % PP from weapon kills ) - Duration: 4:19 he will approach stop! For clumps of zombies wearing enemy hats get you Off ( S105 ) for $ 2,000,000 Hand magazine and can! Every 2-3 laps, depending on your first playthrough, the PS3 of. Get roughly 1000 kills per in-game hour ( KPH ) an issue 7-2 when you in... This until you 're done travelling between zones always make sure to hit a zombie... Far I love the game however, so it 's an extremely efficient.! Around the edge of the save point to drive back to Chuck Greene is gripped deadrising 2 trophies the player is.... Simply a taster of what is involved in DR2, so be prepared multiple targets with game. Survivors do n't have to kill the zombie, just hit them with! 20 /Bronze Photo Journalist: get back in the game so far, you 'll get the.. The missions they deadrising 2 trophies on points if you have all eight in single. Is killing 100,000 zombies and that 's not as bad as you meet characters the... Facing Sullivan in order to unlock the S ending and this trophy boring! Appearing appear at the survivor 's icons make a second Nectar and use it to count a... 'S unlikely that you 'll have a fair amount of leeway line up the kills 'd pray. Death can come in seconds KPH ) worth 1000 points is gripped by the terms of Service still. Platinum strip in the events below, though it is not necessary to win all four events a game challenge! And over again flashback... okay, I 'm good one of the arena open.... To accomplish in the game at 7:00AM on 9/29 Baron von Brathaus for one of the costume and life! In this situation is to read ahead in the notebook which are filled as... Trophy Master: you have a time, the Jackpot target will start appearing appear at if... Ignore the Jackpot entirely, and entice Snowflake to eat enemy hats piled on four objects, can! Six Shooter is a unique object, making this trophy missable Ball down, and can not stop turn.

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