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A modified tooth to protrudes out of the mouth of some mammals. There are several different sub-classifications. Mammals are warm blooded vertebrates that have mammary glands, which means that the females are able to produce milk to feed their young. Cryptorchid. A young animal in the first stages of development. A dog's dinner. #10 Smartest Animal on Earth: Raccoon Raccoon Reaches For Flower Raccoons may gravitate to the garbage, but they’re also super smart. The gestation period is the time from conception to birth in which a mammal embryo is developing. The age of a bird when it develops wing feathers which are developed enough for the bird to fly. aquatic adjective. An organ that is produced by a developing animal that allows it to absorb nutrients from the mother’s bloodstream when it is in the womb. There are more than 8,000 species of recorded reptile split into four main groups. The degree or intensity of heat in an area. led a mindless animal existence. A gland found behind the eyes of some amphibians that secretes poison onto the surface of their skin. The dense layer of fur that is closet to the body of the animal to keep it warm. The New World monkey group includes the world’s smallest monkey, the pygmy marmoset. Let's look at a few examples: Thoroughbred Carnivorous Feral 'Thoroughbred' is usually used to describe horses that are of pure blood and this word is also used to describe a well-educated or well-bred person. Animals are a multi-celled living organisms that are thought to have to developed around 500 million years ago from single-celled marine organisms. It has been our hobby over the years, collecting the following terms that refer to various species of living things. A fish out of water. Thus, the utilitarian aspect brings the most good to the most beings. For example, a rat (secondary consumer) will eat an insect (primary consumer) that has gained its nutrition from eating the grass (primary producer). The metatarsal is one of a set of bones found in the back of the leg in all vertebrates with four limbs. The birds skin is also covered in layers of feathers, to keep them warm but the feather also make the bird extremely light so it can fly without trouble. Animals that are omnivores have complex digestive systems that are able to deal with both plant animal material equally well, like kangaroos, otters and humans. Mating with a single partner for life or throughout the breeding season. Quaternary consumers generally have few, if any, natural predators at all and this tends to be where the food chain ends. The metacarpal is one of a set of bones that is found in either or the arm or the leg in all vertebrates with four limbs. Reptiles are found on every continent worldwide with the exception of the polar Antarctica. If an animal is diurnal it means that the animal tends to sleep during the dark, night hours and wakes up to hunt when the sun rises in the morning. The femur is the thigh bone in all vertebrates that have four limbs including elephants, lions and humans. Natural selection is a key mechanism of evolution. Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020. When an animal is referred to as a predator, it means that the animal either hunts or catches other animals. The nose of an animal, or parts of the mouth which are nose-like in shape. Some animals may only scale trees occasionally, while others are exclusively arboreal. Animals that are referred to as prey are generally hunted by bigger animals, although there are a number of exceptions. To Castrate. Colours or patterns are often displayed on an animal to help it to blend into it’s surroundings. (Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Cetacea, an order of aquatic placental mammals having no hind limbs and a blowhole for breathing: includes toothed whales (dolphins, porpoises, etc) and whalebone whales (rorquals, right whales, etc) cage-free. So, learning the correct terminology to describe their structure and anatomy is important. VEGETARIAN – Persons who do not eat meat, poultry, and fish. The last pair of fins on the body of a fish, found on the underside, close to the tail. Estimates rate it at between 2 million and 50 million different species of animal on Earth. formal relating to or living in trees. When one animal attempts to camouflage itself by resembling another animal or an object such as a leaf or a stick. Prehensile is the term that is given the appendages of animals that have evolved to grasp or hold onto things. an outward semblance misrepresenting the nature of something . Primary producers are those organisms that require nothing but the natural resources of the Earth in order to thrive and survive. If you think something is “the cat’s meow,” it means you think it is excellent, wonderful, really great. A young insect that is similar in appearance to it’s parents but it does not yet have functioning organs or is able to fly. Sterile female born twin with male; most frequently found in bovines. This includes everything from the social structure of life contained within that environment from animals to plants, but also is a method of describing how all the different organisms in one area interact with each other. The animals skeletal system is made up of all the bones, joints and cartilage in the animals body. To Spay. Words nearby animal. A herbivore is an animal that only eats plant material, algae and bacteria in order to gain its nutrition. Vegetarians who consume dairy … THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH... MTEL: ESL (54) Practice Test. Fish are a stable food source for many species of mammals, birds and reptiles around the world. amphibian noun. androgynous adjective . We also tend to forget that humans are mammals, just as are cows, goats, dolphins and sheep etc. Secondary consumers are also known as heterotrophs. Humans, bears and horses are considered to be diurnal animals. This list is meant for ENGLISH speaking countries. A. aardvark. A chemical produced by an animal which has an effect on animals from the same species but also on other animal species too. There are more than 1 million described species of insect found worldwide, but estimates suggest there to be around 30 million different species of insect still left to identify. In the interest of fostering clear and civil discussion of the ethical controversies, The Hastings Center invites further discussion and development … How an animal behaves when in a group. camouflage. The way the animal thinks, behaves or reacts. For example, certain species of moth have known to completely change colour in just a few generations because of pollution, and the horse we know today evolved from having many toes, to just having a single toe today. Harmonious co-existence that is beneficial to all. Many common species are assigned to the least concern category but the species has to have been evaluated to be classified in the least concern category. So, without further ado, let the countdown begin! An animal that feeds on the organic particles that are suspended in the water. Animals in sport are a specific form of working animals. Classes are broken into sub-groups known as order, which are broken down further into families. Cats, dogs, fish, you name it and there’s probably at least one phrase related to them. Two of the most common animals in sport are horses and dogs. Echinoderms are spiny-skinned invertebrates that are found on the ocean floor. Insects are invertebrate arthropods, which means that the insects body is made up of sections of shell rather than bones. Extinct in the Wild is a conservation status assigned to species where the only known living members are being kept in captivity or as a naturalized population outside it’s historic and natural range. The scientific name is the name used by scientists to refer to a particular species of animal. Many animals, at least in more commercial sports, are highly trained. This can include anything from the exterior appearance of an organism (for example those that are most easily camouflaged tend to fair better) to the temperament of an organism (for example, a lion would have more difficulty in hunting prey if it was irrational and clumsy in behaviour instead of being stealthy and systematic in it’s actions). The term incubation period is used to refer to all egg laying mammals like fish, birds and reptiles but also to the platypus and the echidna which are the only egg laying mammals on earth. An external organ used by aquatic animals such as fish, to extract oxygen out of the water. Some arachnids have pincers on the end and some spiders can inject venom through them. When male animals often made with several female animals throughout the breeding season. African wild cat. The rate of an animal’s metabolism can be affected by many factors including size and energy. This includes the terrain such as mountains and deserts, the natural elements that are found there like water and metal, the climate and all the living and non-living things in that area like animals, plants and objects. The area where the animal first came from. Many nations have laws offering protection to conservation reliant species: for example, forbidding hunting, restricting land development or creating preserves. English has many words that are connected with or related to animals; a term used to encompass other living forms such as mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. Floating microscopic organisms that drift close to the surface of the sea in open water. Antennae are always present in pairs and can be sensitive to touch, taste, sound and heat. The conservation status of a species is an indicator of the likelihood of that species remaining extant either in the present day or the near future. The place in the world where something is found. For example, there are two kinds of mountain, temperate and tropical. Dry Eye. Cartilage is a rubbery substance that helps to form part of the skeleton in vertebrates. Threatened species are any species of living organism which are vulnerable to extinction in the near future. The tongues of many animals are prehensile, particularly that of the giraffe. The paired jaws of an arthropod such as ants, crabs and spiders. Mammals are generally land-dwelling animals but there are exceptions like the blue whale, which is the worlds largest mammal and grows to around 20 times the size of the biggest land mammal, the African elephant, average about 33 meters in length.. Other animals that hunt and eat the animal. A strong and resilient structural protein that is found in an animals hair, nails and horn. In most cases, antlers are shed and re-grown every year in connection with the breeding season. Echinoderms also have small jaws that are supported by the water-vascular system and tube feet which they use to attach to objects for protection, as well as to obtain food. The physical differences between males and females. A division of the family classification before the genus classification. New World monkeys are the five families of primates that are found in Central and South America. When an animal sleeps, the animals brain is still active so the animal is able to move around in their sleep and can also wake up quickly. A level of classifying animals in a phylum. The term environment is used to describe everything in a certain area. Some domestic animals learn to depend on human provision so completely that they have little ability to survive if returned to a natural habitat. For example, Elephants live together in herds, whereas a Jaguar is a solitary animal which lives on its own. Invertebrates are animals that do not have a spinal column (back bone), which surprisingly accounts for around 98% of the worlds described animals with the exception of mammals, reptiles, birds and bony fish all of which have a spinal column and are therefore classified as vertebrates, making up the final 2% of described animals. New World moneys are different from the Old World monkeys in many ways, including the fact that the nose of New World monkeys is flat and has side facing nostrils, the lack of opposable thumbs and due to the fact that most New World monkeys are arboreal, they often have prehensile tails. animal plural male female young collective term; ant: ants: winged male, aner: queen, worker: antling: a colony of ants, an army of ants: bat: bats: male: female: pup: a cloud of bats, a colony of bats: bear: bears: boar: sow: cub: a sleuth of bears, a sloth of bears: bee: bees: drone: queen, worker: larva, schadon, fry (plural noun) a hive of bees, a swarm of bees: bird: birds: cock: hen: nestling, fledgling biology an animal such as a frog or toad that lives mainly on land, but produces its eggs and develops into its adult form in water. Mammals are also the only animal group that gives bird to live young, where the others all lay eggs. Some common synonyms of animal are carnal, fleshly, and sensual. In every habitat in which trees are present, animals have evolved to move in them. There thought to be around 32,000 different species of fish found in freshwater and saltwater sources alike, with over 1,000 of these now considered to be critically endangered. Phylum are further divided into subgroups called classes. the state of remaining alive. The period when the female mammal stop providing milk for her young. The primary consumers are the next stage in the food chain behind the sun and the primary producers. Fertilisation that occurs outside of the womb, normally in water, When the entire species has disappeared from Earth. An animals circulatory system involves the animals heart, blood vessels and blood which flows around the animals body, transporting nutrients to cells that need them and removing waste products from others. In stage in the development of insects when the body of the larva is broken down and turned into the body of an adult. One of the two pairs of fins that are found at the front of the body of a fish. anthropoid adjective. Freemartin. A hoofed and herbivorous mammals that has a specialised digestive system with more than one stomach chamber. The age when the animal can survive without the support of its parent(s).

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