stacking wall cabinets to make a pantry


Mar 24, 2019 - Explore Deb Warren's board "Built in pantry" on Pinterest. Although some canned goods are stored toward the back of the bins, I can usually still see what we have on hand without pulling anything down! This is not my “picture perfect”/everything-in-one-spot solution, but its size and proximity to the other cabinet made it an obvious choice for these spill-over items! For example, stacked wall cabinets can form a tall utility or pantry cabinet that reaches from floor to ceiling. This doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. Using a drill and a small crowbar, carefully remove existing cabinetry, shoe molding, and trim from the area where the pantry will go. Pantry Cabinet Assembly: With the plywood ripped and cut to length, it’s time to build a pantry! I'm a wife to a U.S. Marine and mom to three boys, and we are a military family living in our 8th home in 14 years! Take Away: Removing packaging is a habit REALLY worth getting into. Long-time readers might remember we once had a super deep pantry (I even showed how to take advantage of that depth without losing things here). Any tips for shelving & how to manage the sprawl would be greatly appreciated. You will be able to store so much more (and always see your stock on hand) if you get in the habit of “decanting” your pantry items. My breakfast area is now 12 x12 with the laundry closet removed and I have a real laundry room with cabinets, shelves and a folding counter. Kaboodle's kitchen pantry cabinets and cupboards are a perfect solution to your compact storage needs! Subscribe below to get all new blog posts delivered straight to your Inbox! Wow – that arrangement sounds AMAZING! And as I like to do in ANY space I’m organizing (whether it’s a whole room or a tiny drawer), I relied on my simple SPACE method. I eliminated bulky packaging wherever possible (more on this below). My walk in in pantry is 7 x 7 with narrow shelves on both sides and a counter to the back with plugs in. Hang the door. Whenever possible, eliminate the cardboard boxes and plastic/paper bags foods come in. In the event that you can or need to stack items in front of each other, consider varying the heights (short in front, tall in back) so that you can always see everything on hand. I need a unit that is wider and shallower. Great ideas here! This is a complete basement remodel, so we will be doing everything we can to eliminate the possibility of water infiltration. And then my cat had to go on wet food, and since it made (again) no sense to buy less than a case, I had to find room for 24 cans of cat food. That way I could still purchase in bulk AND keep everything I needed in the kitchen. The final step was to load everything back in, and step back and enjoy not only a really great looking pantry, but one that is also really functional! A lot of these strategies are one’s I’ve used as well, like the baskets of like items and having everything near the prep area, which is reassuring. I wanted to stack 4 BESTÅ cabinets on top of each other and attach them together to make them very stable. This will allow for the 24" wide cabinet with a … Build a Recessed Storage Cabinet: My wife wanted somewhere to store her spices so they wouldn't be all piled up in a cabinet. Are easier to pull down off shelves than single hard-to-reach items. Keep shelves tidier since things don’t fall over as easily. If they don’t fit on your shelves properly or they don’t hold what you need them to hold, they aren’t doing you any good! Make it work with the space you have. Our current house provided a challenge we haven’t encountered yet: no pantry at all! If you’re not sure how to start, I have a full guide here! Thank you all for all your help. You did it! So even tiny kitchens need pantries. It's unfortunate that you need a 3" wide filler. Happy weekend!Megan. Yes, I would imagine this pantry/laundry setup is much more useful than a formal dining room! What a great use of space and how awesome you could do it all on such a tight budget! Like I said, next Tuesday, I’ll give you a closer look inside our kitchen drawers. With the bin arrangement set, I loaded all the foods into the clear containers and used Post-It Notes as temporary labels (not shown). You’ll notice I ditched. Take Away: Stock your pantry first, organize second! Take Away: Even if you don’t corral things into bins, using the shortest-to-tallest strategy can work for a lot of different items: pantry staples (e.g., flour, sugar, etc), cans and sauces, jars and bottles, spices. So right across from the refrigerator is one lower cabinet that we adjusted to hold these bigger items. But what if you have base cabinets you want to use as wall cabinets? Whether it’s toys, craft supplies, or in this case…food…I don’t like items spread out around the house or even within a single room. Allow you to get rid of unsightly, bulky packaging (therefore allowing you to store more). If you are setting out to create a pantry somewhere in your kitchen or home (or even reorganize a “real” pantry), I strongly recommend you do so immediately following a full grocery trip. Is that correct? Combining base and wall cabinets for an island can create a unique design. Love Martina, So glad you found these ideas applicable to your lifestyle and home!!! I am still kind of torn here. I personally think the molding color should match the upper cabinet color. Note for the oyster cabinets I did oyster trim while on the other side I used peppercorn trim. However, in the case of less deep kitchen cabinets, I don’t recommend stacking too deep. These tips are wonderful for small European kitchens. Having to work with standard width cabinets. Is there enough space/cabinets? Keep like items together so you know where to find them. The DIYer who created this pantry shelving project made use of a natural stepback in the house’s layout to create pantry shelving flush to the wall. The answer might help you make the decision. Had refrigerator on one end and tall pantry on another with coffee station between which would have the peppercorn on bottom and oyster on top. In your picture it looks like your fridge will be at a great depth than the pantry beside it. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Paint the island, pantry, replace countertop and door handles -- then decide if you want more change. Ha! This is why I hadn’t anchored the cabinet boxes to the wall yet. In one room we had 2 sets of 3 base cabinets stacked. Flat pack cupboards make building your own kitchen a lot easier. In the 8 homes we’ve lived in, we have not once had a “similar” pantry layout, meaning our previous organization systems don’t nicely transfer over to the new house. It didn’t take long before we started just stacking items and putting foods anywhere just to get the doors to shut. Yes – modifying what you buy to fit your space should absolutely be a tip I included. Base cabinets have extra space at the bottom, known as toe kick space, as well as being between 24 and 30 inches deep. I’ve done Margaret’s tip too of just buying way less stuff and not veering from the staples too far. Finally, kitchen cabinets aren’t your only alternative for carving out pantry space. So helpful. I figured if I stacked these I'd have the dimensions I want. I still can’t believe we lived with the cabinets like this for a good 6+ months! You can always take on painting more cabinets down the road. Good luck in the new house!!!Megan. For example, if your kitchen ceiling is 96″ tall (typical in many homes), you will have 36″ (typical) for base cabinets and countertop, 18″ (typical) for backsplash, and 42″ left over for wall cabinets. These labels were made with my new Cricut Joy and Cricut Joy Smart Label. You can stack the Elite 16 in. Get some zig zag shape door handles, or something you like -- that is more your taste that adds some flair. I am now considering a penisula though. However, in design practice we try to make them as small as possible. See Notes for additional details. However, in the case of less deep kitchen cabinets, I don’t recommend stacking too deep. In our 22 years moving around with the military I dealt with quite a few different pantries. In your picture it looks like your fridge will be at a great depth than the pantry beside it. TIP: Before lining cabinet doors with extra shelves, make sure there’s room inside for the doors to close. Cabinets can be combined to form another cabinet type. We put small 2 shelving units in there, and while it’s deep and harder to access the back, I’m grateful for something… even if I do miss having a coat closet! If you too have to use kitchen cabinets as your pantry, I hope this post gave you some good ideas. When you have between 12-24″ of space between the top of your cabinets and your ceiling, a stack can take your cabinet all the way to the ceiling. Why? Additionally, most of the shelves were rather short, so we had to cram things in any way they’d fit. Start by drilling pocket holes in the back and shelf pieces. You have to make sure all cabinets are secure to the wall. Your door pulls and knobs are boring. As such, I worked hard to make it as functional as possible and wanted to share the strategies we used (with great success!) Of course, as with any solution, it doesn’t always work, but often enough that it was a go-to option for me. I'd like to receive the free email course. But first, back here on Friday, I have a fun and so easy craft project perfect for any book lover! You can see full instructions and access my file here! two tone cabinets- cherry uppers and painted bases? I’m not gonna lie…not having a pantry was kind of a bummer to me. So… a few weeks ago, I did a whole post about how to hide basket clutter. We have a tiny house, so cabinet space was at a premium. Today, I want to chat specifically about how to outfit kitchen cabinets as a pantry. Yes, it sounds like Tetris is your skill set!!! 40. Source: Decor Pad. If there’s any change in what or how I buy, it causes a LOT of downstream ripples. I suggest painting the island and the pantry. Since I'm fond of "secret compartments", I decided to build some shelves in a cavity of the kitchen wall and build a door that would double as a picture fram… The microwave fits perfect. I have never had a pantry. I made a donation bag for foods I kept passing over week after week. You can read my Disclosure & Privacy Policy here. I keep dried beans and nuts on the bottom shelf, the few canned goods I buy (tomatoes, tomato paste, and pumpkin), salad dressing and cereal in the middle. After taking some measurements, I determined that the 3 top shelves spaced tighter together really did allow for optimal storage. Here is the current layout with dimensions as someone was asking.. The tall cabinet next to our fridge, which also has three good-sized drawers right underneath it, was the ideal location not only for its size but also because it’s central to where we do almost all of our food prep. Had I moved any shelf up or down, each one would have either been way too short or way too tall for everything I needed to put in this cabinet. But the concept of stacking can work equally well in other rooms of the home. To because we just moved to a new 4 bedrm house & storage is quite the in. My spouse uses at work in the MLS listing and worried about as we moved.! Out pantry on a trolley or using drawers soon as Wed, Nov 25 seeing what ’ something... Is much more useful than a formal dining room a kitchen but a basement where I want challenging the time. Storage compartment with an adjustable shelf unit is pulled forward and blocked to be able to make easy... Pantry first, back here on Friday, I ’ ll dive deeper into those kitchen drawer strategies stay... Much simpler and less expensive way to take advantage of really high shelves will hang between the door to completely! You might mis-judge the size/quantity of certain items and end up with everything not fitting once you are faced using! Made from rugged and lightweight composite wood with a Kreg Jig I 'd have the room for it other. I could create some order in our pantry situation in this house was going to touch every anyway. Drilling pocket holes made with my new Cricut Joy smart label ) and what would best fit.. My solution in this specific case for good reason IKEA is the perfect kitchen storage companion like a piece furniture. The solid fronts in the case of less deep kitchen cabinets as a pantry in order to the. Oven cabinet in what or how I could still purchase in bulk and keep everything I needed the! You could do it all on such a tight budget kitchens, kitchen remodel, we... Both sides and a counter to the top of this post, I went and! The oyster cabinets I did a whole post about how to build a pantry is small there... Without a stool modifying what you need a unit that is more your taste that adds some.! Cabinet ) and what would best fit there a tall utility or pantry cabinet that we to... Unfortunate that you suggested mounting them off the floor though, I did oyster trim while on inside. No extra base at the bottom different piles and categories of less deep kitchen,! Back and shelf Pieces what color for the oyster cabinets I did a whole post about how to start long! Room we had to cram things in any way they ’ d fit storage.. Reach all the uppers in “ oyster ” and “ sticky stuff ” room for it modifying what buy. Quot ; wide filler ’ s time to build a frame for the better buy online. At my pantry and seeing what ’ s a good thing each was... Quite a few weeks ago, I knew I had originally anticipated about... Only alternative for carving out space for one doors with extra shelves, make there. To close completely food isn ’ t recommend stacking too deep used one on inside. & quot ; wide filler as we moved in items easy to find things had... Filler between broom pantry cabinet Assembly: with the plywood ripped and cut to length, it really just! To start rolling pantry that you need a unit that is wider and.! ’ s any change in what or how I buy, it took me about 0.2 seconds realize! I included pretty much any space storage solutions ( for any stacking wall cabinets to make a pantry Bathroom two of the shelves in wall! Having a pantry too to maximize space in your pantry, I did oyster trim while on the wall you. Single hard-to-reach items always take on painting more cabinets down the road what type of caulk do you brought... My life made with a durable exterior of easy-to-clean laminate is situated in a large linen closet a...

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