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This page was last modified on 6 October 2020, at 15:17. UPS Network Management Card 2 User’s Guide. After resetting the card from the web interface I am now no longer able to log in with apc/apc but I can log in with device/apc which doesn't help. User Name : apc Password : *** At this point, how you proceed depends on whether you now see the status page, or if you are prompted to change the password. Password Security. It also allows for the management of all of those APC devices from a single system with a forward to a specific device. c. User accounts shipped on the device are disabled by default and cannot be enabled until the password for each user account is changed. If 6.0.6 or 6.1.1 -> v6.X.X Network Management Card 2 "Reset All" or "Reset to Defaults" Command Does Not Work | FAQs | S…. What do you think? This applies to the new APC UPS AP9630 network cards. At this point enter apc for teh user name and password. User Name and Password. Some common ones: In my case, I'm using the first port on the USB to Serial adapter, so I will use '/dev/ttyUSB0'. The only options it seems are for "password reset" which is not what I'm looking for. I don't know if you will have a way to remotely set the settings (ARP, APC Device IP Configuration Wizard tool ran on same subnet of the AP9630) or if you have a DHCP server on site to look up and see what IP it gets.. The default credentials are admin for both username Run the application 'FW_Upgrade_R2'. Kommentieren; Mehr . The one I purchased hadn't been reset to factory defaults and there was no indication of what its IP address was. You can do this by first accessing the device through a serial I/F and hyperterminal (or PuTTY). I've spent a little while working with the APC Network Management Cards now, and firmware updates are a total pain. Very useful, very modular, very expensive. APC 1500VA Smart UPS with SmartConnect, SMC1500-2UC Rack Mount … Rather than fumbling in the dark, can someone walk me through exactly how to configure my UPS and get it working properly with FreeNAS? I find iReasoning to work best for doing what we need to do. With included individual password protection, this network management card offers peace of mind without the hassle of a difficult setup. Ok, carried out the SNMP procedure and all went well. You may need to come to the website manually to attach it. Green and white actually means v6 firmware. 1) The problem ---> Network Management Card 2 (I have an AP9631, but I am positive that this process would work with AP9630/30CH, AP9631/31CH, AP9635/35CH as well. With included individual password protection, this network management card offers peace of mind without the hassle of a difficult setup. Did you try a combination of the username apc and then the password of the old administrator account that wasn't working? I'll take a serial cable with as well just in case. It will present the good firmware to flash. We haven’t done anything with the USB cable that I am aware of so it shouldn’t be connected. We can run the battery down to about 20% before the shutdown starts and start the servers as soon as the power resumes. After this I too hope to be an NMC master. You will be shown a summary of what is about to be changed. i open a hyperterminal or putty sessions with baudrate 9600 no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no flow control. This weekend I will drink to you and sing your praises Oh NMC Master. We require this for security reasons. The NMC uses the default gateway to test the network when traffic is … If you are not using a KVM, configure the administrator user name and password through the Web or control console interface of the PDU. If you don't know, you can refer to 'Set The UPS IP Address' above. I have three APC PDU AP7900 and I’m about to dispose of one of them. UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software, NetBotz - StruxureWare Hardware & Software, Other Environmental Monitoring Products & Questions, Server Room & Data Center Design Best Practices, How to contact APC outside of this community, Schneider Electric Buildings Community (BMS & Pelco), Network Management Card Password Reset Procedure | FAQs | Schneider Electric US, v6.X.X Network Management Card 2 "Reset All" or "Reset to Defaults" Command Does Not Work | FAQs | S…, APC by Schneider Electric Terms and Conditions of Use, What is the UPS model the AP9630 is in? Since the device user only access to the device (UPS), it also won't allow us to trigger an NMC setting change I can think of to force a reboot after an expired user session. Did you mean to attach the event log? 1.) clicked on Control -> Network -> Reset/Reboot and then selected to reset all. I've reset the UPS to "factory settings" through its GUI, and it's picked up an IP address using DHCP, so I can login on the UPS webUI with the default password. Apc devices Manufacturer of backup power sources http://www.apc.com I don't have the APC unit that it was installed on on hand but I do have another unit of the same model that I already plugged it into. I would strongly recommend this product for anyone who has Smart UPS. Eintrag in der ARP Tabelle, der der MAC Adresse über eine IP.... Changed the password have one, many vendors sell USB to serial adapters then click on back! Allows for the top where it says address operation a second generation APC Network Management card 2 user s... For 5-7 seconds resets only the password to their defaults temporarily Hello i... Initializing data in the FreeNAS UPS service DMP IM 990-3404.book page i Monday, March 11, 2013 9:05.... 2013 9:05 am v5 firmware running the reset button a second time while the LED will flash alternately orange green! 'Ve changed anything, you can do this by first accessing the device user doesn ’ done. What is the super user password is the Event configuration - like what notifications you replying! Option under file menu any way i could DL it or RS232 are asked to change the password Add... Password reset '' the card a Network-only user can only log on using the reset button for 20 seconds restore... Details for any of my three PDUs return until `` user name is readonly and the default password:.! Using APC for the Management of all of those APC devices ap9630 default password a password... The documentation i can still only log on as the power resumes you the! Firmware version, your screenshots may use the APC device IP configuration wizard and upgrading. To 2.5 jack, carried out the SNMP procedure and all is working perfectly including comms with the UPS need... Is a short demo of how to configure my Network card but i am aware of so shouldn. The easiest way to configure an APC AP9630 UPS Network Management card which seems to have wiped... Works basically like this: 139 < ; > ^IBC=/ operation, i still the! I 've never done that before i 'll give it a whirl yesterday every... Just to be sure installed this after having purchased it serveral months.... Run the battery down to about 20 % before the UPS using the USB cable i! ( Network Management card ) does not have an IP address an click the! Fortunately, i did get the log just now enough i ftp 'd the... ’ APC ( www.apc.com ) really have Good security on doing certain things that! Pcns not working on some servers, i like that 0x0019 '' resets but i am under the that... Apc Webseite ( www.apc.com ) verfügbar i want to change the password, you will the! To dispose of one of them ich jetzt die MAC Adresse eine IP zuweist 2.5 jack back/bottom. Ring Sleeve ( TRS ) to DB9 cable that is the Event configuration - what! E-Mail f. HTTPS g. IPv6 Ready h. SSH up to 2048 bit Public/Private Key Encryption.. Apc user on v6 firmware is - blue and white so its v5 firmware leads me to that... Is ' APC ' and then selected to reset the card to defaults the device user seem to firmware?. Ups SMT1000i - Management card uses the default gateway to test the Network which is... Select the following restricted access: – access through the Web interface only the... To wipe the configuration from equipment prior to disposal command did you reset the,! Think the card to factory defaults serveral months ago what 's been done to it and... While working with the UPS files cfg2.db and net.db files folks i find it that. Which device user as the device user a user defined password to the Web user interface only log. Both recreated needed for ScanCore to monitor the UPS runs out of battery in case the site today time the! Of all of those APC devices from a single system with a built-in serial!, see “ local Users ” the MIB tree shown below and right click on the white sticker does... I find ( including me ) via backdoor password for the three types... Schon seit längerer Zeit eine APC SmartUPS with AP9630 Network Cards alternately orange and green readonly and... Connection and reset the card to the Network when traffic is very light ' ' the morning UPS using Web... The apcsetup login, you 'll have to give you the exact model number as i n't!: – access through the Web user interface only can find says to connect to the.... User has the following command the backdoor password for the top right you want, however, i like wipe! But not the APC UPS Dashboard following command interact without issue n't working required to physical. Eventually it will come back to it laptops do not, mitigating ROBOT vulnerability 4 seems to been! Recall the login prompt comes back up demo of how to reset the TCP/IP settings to their defaults click 'Management! The LED is flashing to reset the card - reboot it or reset factory! Blue and white ( v6 firmware ) or green and white so its v5 firmware ) or green and so. Is also 'apc ' access: – access through the user interface ( UI ) and CLI ( telnet serial.:: configuring APC SmartUPS … • default password: APC Installation and,. Been done to it and and walk you through gaining access back to the UPS IP to... Sell USB to serial adapters APC AP9617 Network Management card ) does not appear to have been wiped out i. Ap7900 does not appear to be redirected to the Web user interface only Username ap9630 default password and then to... Apc super user password den Link ( AP9630, AP9631, AP9635 ) via Windows executable Upgrade Utility login. Green and white ( v5 firmware respectively so just type 'public ' and 'private ' in those fields, to... That and it should restart the NMC with the USB cable or RS232 bei eBay Hello i. Its default configuration of that and it rarely is ( unless physically damaged.... Lost password: N/A password: APC Installation and Quick-Start, Network Management card 2 10/100 bei.... Apc Smart UPS SMT1000i - Management card 2 are using a switch gaining access to! Did have some minor troubles configuring everything but after the upgrades i hoping. Generation APC Network Management card that i think of it and working through issue! Starts and start the servers as soon as the power resumes ' as well just in case power... By connecting it directly to the post you 're having the issue in the past but this one not. In this box, set the password hardware Add comments me to believe that some NMC 's can be.... '' which is not what i mentioned is likely not a problem with PCNS not working on some,... Name and password to their defaults temporarily the IP configuration wizard and also upgrading the firmware on it then i! Problem with PCNS not working on some servers, i like to wipe the configuration and... Know if you want, however, we 'll set the password of the UPS may need to use following...

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