tick australian slang


Stop talking now! Roo bar - A metal frame on the front of a vehicle to protect it when colliding with kangeroos. Fremantle doctor - cool breeze that blows into Perth and Fremantle most afternoons in summer. Clean skin - Unbranded cattle or a bottle of wine with no label. Skint - Broke, bankrupt. Badger box - Small hut or dwelling. Hughie for Hugh. Flake out - Collapse exhausted. Blow in the bag - Breathalyser test. Bender - To deliberately get drunk usually over a period of several days. Skull - Drink an alcoholic drink without pausing for breath. "Come on buggerlugs, let's go." Bitser - Mongrel dog. Aussie (Ozzie) - Australian. It is often a cryptic mix of words and phrases, so if you’re visiting Australia, here’s a few tips to help you understand the locals. It's a freckle past a hair - Said when someone asks you the time when you don't have a watch. Billabong - Waterhole. Buffin' the muffin - Having sex. Blow a fuse - To lose your temper. Stuck-up - Conceited. This wasn't copied out of some slang dictionary was it? Lob in / lob up - Turn up unexpectedly. also to take a drink of alcohol. Also 'base over apex' as in 'He tripped and went A over T.' 'Gees, that was a complete balls up.' Copy link. Aussie Slang Words Poster. (Also bush pig, bag etc.) 'I wanted a proper explanation but she was just airy fairy.' Bindy - A grass prickle. Cack-handed - Left handed. Cocky's joy - Golden syrup. Also 'I wouldn't cross the road to piss on you if you were on fire.' Flake - Commonly used in fish and chip shops to try and disguise the fact that the fish is really shark. Alone like a country dunny - More often 'stands out like a dunny in the desert' Someone or something that is very obvious for whatever reason. Skin full - Drunk. As nouns the difference between tick and thick is that tick is a tiny woodland arachnid of the suborder ixodida or tick can be a relatively quiet but sharp sound generally made repeatedly by moving … Splash the boots - Urinate. Khyber Pass - Rhyming slang for arse. Sly grog - Illegal or bootleg alcohol. "The car's gone bung again" or "Just bung your togs over there." As you can see Australian slang can be quite colourful. Bluey - A rolled up blanket (swag). Right now. Liquid lunch - Lunch of only beer. 'Go get your clobber on.' Shiny arse - Public servant. Drover - Cattlemen who herded cattle over the vast distances of the outback Ants pants - Similar to the bees knees. Rip off - Cheated. Go away please. This is not intended to be a complete dictionary of Australian slang and terminology but I have put a few Aussie slang words, Double-dink - To carry a passenger on a push-bike (bicycle) on the handlebars and another on the back. Don't be a smart arse. Tall poppy syndrome - To criticise tall poppies. "Bruce saw a porno mag and got a big boner." Not a patch on - Not as good as. 'The car was bog standard.' Bush oyster - Nasal mucus, usually referred to when snorted in and swallowed (yuk!) Trunks - Swimming costume - male. 'I will go and suss out the new fishing spot tomorrow.' Chunder - Vomit. Crumblies - Frail old people. 'Let's tee up a meeting for next week.' and during this entire time, I’ve kept a running list on my phone of all the Australian lingo I’ve encountered. Same as Shaggin Wagon. Dobber - An informer. Bottler - Expression used when something good happens, Ie.


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