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The taste is similar to bleu cheese or blueberry cream cheese. Im looking for something stinky and unique. If it's Cheese Seeds you crave, The Rhino knows how to satisfy! His articles include tutorials on growing... [read more], Your email address will not be published. Get … They take about ten weeks to reach harvest and have slightly higher yields. Feta. This potent strain is known for its funky flavor and serious yield. Allow this review to enlighten you about the Blue Cheese strain, along with cultivation tips, growth characteristics, effects, and where to find Blue Cheese seeds. If you’re into yoga, meditation, incense sticks, Tibetan bowls and chimes, Blue Cheese can elevate your meditative endeavors to the next level. The effects are very low-key, meditative, and relaxing. Speaking of growth, everything about Swiss Cheese is medium. GDP is a highly physically and mentally relaxing, euphoric, indica lover’s dream … Willing volunteers of Dairy Queen note uplifting, social, happy, and relaxed sensations. It has all the pest-resistance of the original Cheese marijuana strain, but with a boost of speed. Pineapple Chunk is very short, only reaching 100cm in height. The sativa genetics lead to an impressively tall single cola if you don’t train your plants. A sour and funky aroma similar to that familiar appetizer, cheese. Cheese is a rarity amongst cannabis strains because it was created in Britain in the late 1980s by the Exodus Collective, a band of freewheelers that ran underground dance parties. SUPER SKUNK FEMINIZED CANNABIS SEEDS FROM ILGM SEED BANK. This autoflower definitely deserves a spot on this list. uk cheese strain is also known as Exodus Cheese and has large, fluffy buds that adhere in an elongated, roughly cylindrical shape. Let's dive into the dank fondue and embrace the cheesiest Cheese on the market. Delicious adventures await. Chiesel weed is a surprising cheese sativa. It's a small plant, so best bet is to veg big because of its little to no stretch Pineapple Chunk represents everything that Skunk breeders stand for. Cheese N' Chong is a potent Cheese variety exuding sour, skunky, and cheesy aromas. When given enough light and room to flourish, Cheese strains can exceed 200cm in height. As a female phenotype, the original strain is only available as a clone, but other breeders have imitated it in seed form by crossing a … Together with a short flowering time, growers are absolutely delighted by this one. UK Cheese Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects . Share on Pinterest. Pineapple Chunk is a dedicated indica-dominant strain, ensuring a proper couch-lock and a good night's sleep. Originally only available … This has led to the creation of some unique genetic … Developed in the UK’s underground plantations, the original Cheese strain first hit the 420 scene in the 80s as a hybrid with Skunk #1 origins and tweaked with Aghani genetics. When you’re looking for a legendary high, look no further than the original Cheese weed. This short plant releases an abundance of sweet and pungent aromas, reminiscent of cheese and fruit. 10 Top-rated High Yielding Cannabis Strains in 2020. Mad munchies may present themselves. Cheese Seeds Strains The UK's Favourite Flavour Hands Down! There is a specific aroma of cheese-based cannabis strains. Swiss Cheese came about after a Nepalese cannabis strain turned into a Skunk, which in turn matured and became a superb Cheese. The effects are very couch-locking. It rose to the surface after Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel hybridized with intimate passion. Feminized Cheese Plants are also easy to grow. When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the UK Cheese strain is best described as Cheese, Skunk, and Pungent. The original Cheese strain, which was first bred in the United Kingdom and is now used for heightening the sensual senses. Grandaddy Purple. So, take Dairy Queen into consideration for your next smoke circle sesh. Herbert Fuego | July 7, 2020 | 9:55am. This uplifting, euphoric, and energetic strain is a worthy member of this list. This orgasmic strain induces a perfect concoction of sensations, ranging from uplifting to couch-locking. The taste is milder, closer to buttery smooth cream cheese. Breeders like Big Buddha Seeds later introduced Afghani indica genetics to increase Cheese’s trichome production and yields.

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