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With over three decades of experience in serving banana leaf rice, we provide simply the best banana leaf rice in Klang Valley. Jyoti Singh Corporate HR at … My colleagues like the chicken masala, but I thought it has more mushy things in it rather than meat. It was also the Top 5 Picks for Banana Leaf Rice of Flavours Magazine in its October 2012 issue. Jyoti Singh. I topped and topped my rice, cause I really love the chicken and fish. PJ kanna curry house i dont know,but Kanna Curry hse bkt tinggi 2 is like shit..1 small plate chicken curry charge rm10.50, the kuah fish curry like … Kanna Curry House - Taman Mayang Jaya. Since Kanna Curry House is located nearer to my parents house (compared to Nirwana), I would usually end up in Kanna. Kanna Curry House, Section 4 PJ Cities - Browse Reviews - Site Settings Place #2520759 RAM - 2.09 MB / Time - 30 ms. / CL - 36,989 / 20:9-23:5 Spread across two shop lots, the eatery is divided into a glass-enclosed area with air conditioning and al fresco section with ceiling fans and trees providing ample shade. Kanna Curry House @ Menjalara Kepong Cities - Browse Reviews - Site Settings Place #2420764 RAM - 3.33 MB / Time - 84 ms. / CL - 39,371 / 21:1-13:17 Laporkan profil ini Pengalaman Food Runner Kanna Curry house Okt 2013 - Kini 7 tahun 2 bulan. 4.3. Kanna Curry House, notably known for its award-winning banana leaf rice, is a massive South Indian restaurant at the fringe of Section 17 in Petaling Jaya. Kanna Curry House - Taman Mayang Jaya Fried Chicken,Indian,Local,Roti. Notably known for its award-winning banana leaf rice, Kanna Curry House is a South Indian restaurant that occupies two shop lots at the fringe of Section 17. Mutton curry is soft and tasty. The interior is air-conditioned which are usually fully occupied during the lunch hour, but famished guests who want to enjoy the evening breeze can opt for the open-air dining area opposite the restaurant. Owner at Complete Solution Delhi, India. Yeah, you got it, I fall in love with Kanna Curry House and while I am writing this… I seem to smell fried chicken. WG Kanna Curry House Kanna Curry House is well known for its banana leaf rice and even though I have had my fair share of banana leaf rice , I have not been to this eatery so here I am. Kanna Curry House @ Section 17 PJ was once voted the Best Banana Leaf Rice (in 2012), Best Indian Restaurant (in 2011) and shortlisted in the same category (in 2010) by Time Out KL Food Awards. Kanna Curry House was voted Best Banana Leaf in the Time Out KL Food Awards 2012.It was also voted Best Indian Restaurant in 2011.The restaurant … Kanna Curry house.

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