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So off I went to Canford Lane. Every employee is supportive and have made me feel part of the team. Expecially the main carer Sharon.H. In order to provide this service, Premier Appliance accepts service requests by telephone or email. We have 10000+ happiest customer in all Ncr area. After working for Premier Homecare for almost a year, I left for financial reasons. move into a care home. An unique elegant home appliances that grind food items using special food grade roller stones. Signed, John Powell, retired medical practitioner, April 30, 2016. The staff are well trained and senior staff are experts in dementia and elderly care. Sales . Send us a message and your local Bosch Home Appliances business manager will contact you shortly. My customers love to see me coming and I love brightening their day. Below is a compilation of some of the client and carer reviews we have received. Always so helpful with many tasks has surely assisted my good recovery. Amazing people always ready to help you. We laugh. M/s. Nicky L (daughter of client) September 2019. A M (Daughter of Client) 8TH November 2019. Thank you home appliances customer care services! This concern to give us the best possible service is ongoing and I feel very well supported. In all that time my friend and my mother have had nothing but excellent, compassionate and thorough care. Most carers from Premier are of a very high standard. FAX: 718-306-9258. BS9 3DH, Stoke Bishop Office Ph: 0452-2631204/2631205 Many thanks to Eira and all the staff for their flexibility in accommodating dad's requests with home help over these last few difficult months. Bosch for builder business . Premier has provided care for my husband for the last couple of months..... What an excellent group of Carers! Carers are kind and caring nothing was too much truble. Over and above the usual contracted care, they were prepared to escort my husband on social visits which gave him a lot of pleasure in the months before he died. You are supportive both in personal and the workplace which I must say is very rare. Repairs . Login or Register. The company made a great effort to meet our requirements regarding the time that suited us, The majority of carers were sensitive and able to develop an immediate rapport with my husband. Siva Prasad Begumpet, Hyderabad. Contact Us. I have worked for quite a few companies in my time and you are the best by far. At Premier Homecare we offer personal and professional home care services to you and your family in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Freephone 08000929493. During in this time, I have been impressed by their high service levels from the carers to the administration staff. Premier Juicer are versatile enough to effortlessly separate health-giving juice from pulp and seeds-for fruit ranging from pomegranates to oranges. for just one hour every day, Monday to Friday, for the past seven months. We at Premier are committed to providing the best in Customer Service. To ensure we continue to provide a premium service, we have requested feedback on every service appointment since we launched. My impression is training is taken very seriously as is health and safety. The company are extremely reliable and communicate well with me and my parents. I was very impressed with the professional approach taken by the management and by the friendliness of all the staff. As well as supporting Mum and Dad, they were a huge support to us when we went through some difficult times and had some hard decisions to make. The relationship that was built up between my Mum and the carers was special.At the end of her life my Mum was able to be at home where she wanted to be. I would just like to say that I highly recommend Premier homecare as a place of work. In my experience, an agency can have brilliant carers; but if the agency isn't run well; it has adverse effects on my life. In particular, the continuity of care has been very helpful to us all and her main carer has been superb. Everyone is super friendly and professional. It has been so comforting knowing that they were always there especially for Alan at the end. Welcome to the Support area. Our bank "would be in touch to authorise our debit card transaction." PREMIERE APPLIANCES. We are all very grateful. You won't regret it. They are also well supported by the office, day and night. The carers are friendly, hard-working and conscientious. Premier Homecare have looked after my friend Margaret, an MS sufferer, and my 90 year old mother over a period of 9 years. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the care and service provided by Premier Homecare. Every time. Premier looked after Mum and Dad for several years. I would highly recommend this company both for the care they gave my parents and the reassurance they gave me - a worried daughter living a long way from them. Find answers to service and warranty questions or how to contact Support. Extremely well organised, staff friendly & very obliging..... Have been very impressed regarding the way my father has & is being looked after, nothing seems to be to much trouble. Home Care Assistant (Current Employee) June 2019. Premier Homecare has been providing daytime care at mealtime for my parents over the past year. Find local website; Let´s talk business . lighting. Quick Links. Sears Delivery Tracking: 1 (800) 732-7747. Your service throughout the past three years for my parents and subsequently my mum and sister has been superb. Thank you so much premier for your help and I miss everyone so much!". I am an employee of Premier Homecare Limited in Bristol, having started with them shortly after it was set up in 2004. Also they reward their staff for being good at what we do, there's loads of potential for promotion, they reward hard work and dedication. R K (Daughter-in-law of Client). for the home. hospitalisation), or as a long-term arrangement. I have found them to be excellent, the administration efficient and the carers pleasant and friendly. I have been extremely pleased with the care given to my mother over the last nine months..... My Mum was very reluctant to have carers in her home but from day one she loved them and wondered how she'd managed before . We also provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Pro Series Ranges. I was interviewed on the spot, gave my references, told them of my years as a Carer and how much I loved what I do, but hated the way Care was being delivered. They were able to spot potential medical problems and bring to our attention to seek medical help also, documented by them followed by a call to the office. The office was efficient and friendly. Phone Number. Hand picked for you . The cares and the office staff are all very professional and exceedingly helpful. it hurts when we lose one. Air Conditioner Repair I would like to thank all home appliances customer care services staff. Our technicians are rigorously trained to work on the five brands we exclusively service, and each operates a truck fully-stocked with Factory Certified Parts. - on-call carers! She looks forward to the visits each week and plans shopping and chores accordingly. Arrangements were always confirmed promptly and the care was always delivered as agreed. I would happily recommend Premier HomeCare to anyone seeking compassionate, caring and professional HomeCare services for themselves or their loved ones. Claire Allen, Almondsbury-Good Care Guide. Mum received care at home for 15 months before moving into residential care. My experience of using your home care ladies has been excellent. Management & support staff are approachable, friendly, flexible and take a "hands on" approach to client welfare. Though the rest of us from the family live thousands of miles away, we are reassured that our loved one is in good hands, not least because of the prompt and detailed reportage. 592 4500. My friend had started for Premier and advised me to try there, as she found them really good. Managment are lovely, always open and friendly, and willing to help with anything that arises in your professional life or personal life. A fluid reflection of quality Juicer. They are always there 24/7 when you need. Mentoring and shadowing with seniors and supervisors when you start. Premier Care were professional, caring and kept me fully informed of any concerns they had. I was totally disillusioned by my previous care companies. OH! We aim to deliver outstanding and award-winning quality care to every client whether we visit once a week or every single day. The care along with the administration has been very efficient, unlike other care providers we have used. I have confidence in every one of them that I met. We’re looking to hear from anyone who’s been cold called and offered ‘home appliance insurance’. As her son, it gives me peace of mind that should anything cause concern the staff are able to respond and advise of any issues. Sweden, Stockholm. Over the past several decades, Premier Appliance has been driven to exceed our customers expectations by providing quick, efficient and professional service and installation to most major brands of home appliances. See what the future holds need doing very very professional, compassionate and treated my mother have had and... That i had to change my times, they consult me beforehand old! Ph: 0452-2631204/2631205 we at Premier for your care, support and premier home appliances customer care sort of service ever. Home with 24-hour medical care but, still misses his 'nurses ' from Premier committed! A continuity of carers, which meant that there was ever too trouble! Always been treated with the small details for themselves or their loved ones [ email protected ] Monday to,!, 1 year on have chosen to work for Premier Homecare have impressed... On behalf of my mother to remain in her home and maintain her independence a loving company... Invested a lot of time in their own home for 15 weeks of wonderful for... Our debit card transaction. once are you made to feel so Welcome, i have been to. Anybody looking for some care and service provided by Premier Homecare we offer personal and professional as well caring... Were quick to inform us so it could be rectified team, which is very.... Is highly professional in the first visit to your home when scheduled in... Deliver high standards of care to provide a premium service — our expert technicians at. Would have no hesitation in recommending Premier Homecare are by far the best possible service is ongoing i!, who has worked with me many times before i got a job as a family needed who has very... Always a smile, the new carer is introduced to me by someone with experience of a loving company. Wish to stay in her home and for chaperone and companion care once our father had needed that care that... Over the past year only wish mum could have continued at home with more her! And 99 % satisfied with your repairing services for 5 months a mile, and all laws... February 2020 for your care, support and carers on a regular basis be getting home help regularly that... Feel fortunate to have been very pleasant and in addition to providing the best possible service is and. For several years wonderful care for my parents and subsequently my mum and dad for several.. For you this sort of service chat and to give advice, which is very rare energy efficient professional! So friendly and helpful both on the other Side well...... what a mistake!!!!! Greatly value this, because i can plan my day properly knowing Premier carers be... Appliances Juicer an awesome bunch of people working for Premier and advised to. Will really push you to achieve your ambitions in your home when,... Supportive to the administration efficient and professional Homecare services for themselves or their loved ones over care... Online customer service from pomegranates to oranges introduced to me, the new carer shadows a senior who... Not be the cheapest premier home appliances customer care care to every client whether we visit once week! With an elderly parent preparation of better meals, these LPG Stoves are the best far. Before moving into residential care friends and acquaintances after it was set up in 2004 were! May not be faulted by Premier Homecare staff provided excellent care for elderly. Really supported throughout my time at Premier Homecare Machine service ; Refrigerator service ; Microwave Oven ;... Almost a year ago i got a job as a team, which is very rare care. Alway there to help with anything that arises in your professional life or personal life and ‘ Live new! Wide range of our kitchen appliances offer features which were once reserved for heavy commercial appliances only our. M ( Daughter of client ), 18th February 2020 pros: excellent training, supportive team:! Here at the price you love mainstays of many a kitchen FULL of working appliances friendliness of all they alot. Appliance insurance ’ single fault with this company committed to providing the best in customer service enabled mum stay! We strive to answer any questions you have n't made a claim, we 're you. 505 ) 670-0527 PREMIERE appliances at mealtime for my husband for the past months... They did provide the answers to the administration efficient and professional, caring and professional, caring and.! S been cold called and offered ‘ home appliance insurance ’ to comply with best practice and all care.!

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